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Advocates Point To Poverty Study To Argue For Programs Eyed For Cuts By President Trump

Andy Chow
Phil Cole with the Ohio Association of Community Action Agencies presents the annual "State of Poverty Ohio" report.

A coalition of advocates for the poor have a new report on poverty in Ohio. And they're using it to call on Congress to save multiple programs that would help low-income Ohioans.

The Ohio Association of Community Action Agencies says a single parent with a minimum wage job has to work more than 100 hours a week to be self-sufficient. The group’s Philip Cole says President Donald Trump’s proposed budget would cut a lot of the programs and grants that would help support and lift people out of poverty.  “You talk about pulling the rug out from under hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people and talk about Medicaid and the changes that want to do to Medicaid in addition to the things we just mentioned you’re talking about leaving people out in the streets.”

The "State of Poverty" report also found 40,000 households where grandparents are the primary caregivers, which Cole says is rising because of the drug epidemic.

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