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Statehouse Preview: Transportation Budget Goes To Conference Committee

Statehouse News Bureau
Ohio Statehouse

Lawmakers have a busy week ahead of them as they work on the state and transportation budget ahead of Gov. John Kasich’s annual State of the State address. 

The House and Senate will get together to hash out a final deal on the transportation budget. Lawmakers have gone back and forth on proposals to increase the car registration fee.

After weeks of subcommittee hearings, the giant budget bill is back in House Finance for another round of full committee meetings. The House is expected to roll out their changes by the end of April.

The bill that would cut down on prison time in favor of community control and probation will get a third hearing in the Senate.

And opponents will testify against a bill that would regulate step therapy, also known as the “fail first” treatment when insurance companies require patients to use a cheaper drug first instead of what the doctor may have originally prescribed.

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