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Kasich Once Again Talks Up Bipartisanship; Says He's Not Running For President But "Not Going Away"

"State of the Union", CNN

Gov. John Kasich spent several weeks pushing to keep Medicaid expansion as the House was considering phasing it out with the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Kasich was back on a national talk show Sunday, reacting to the flurry of last minute moves  that ended with the repeal being pulled just before a vote.

Kasich fought Republicans to get Medicaid expansion passed in Ohio, and has had notable disagreement with Democrats as well. But on CNN’s State of the Union, Kasich touted bipartisanship and criticized Republicans for not working with Democrats to make major changes in a major program. "That's pathetic," Kasich said. "First of all, it's not the old days anymore.  If you don't have the old days back from the standpoint that people are Americans before they're Republicans and Democrats, nothing will get done.”

And he also said Democrats should be called out if they aren’t constructive and helping out.

And it’s been widely speculated that Gov. John Kasich will at least consider another run for president. But he seemed to shut that down for now on a national talk show yesterday.


On CNN’s State of the Union, Kasich was asked whether he’d run for political office or for president. At first he replied that he was interested in being a voice to help bring the country together again. Dana Bash pressed him on whether he would run for president. He replied: "I don't see it. I just don't see it."
Bash asked him if he planned to run "ever?" Kasich responded: "I don't see it Dana. Look, I've got other things I have to do and I just don't see it. You don't close the door on anything, but I don't have my eyes on that."

But Kasich also said when he is no longer governor, "I’m not going away."

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