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Kasich Says He Was In DC Yesterday, Still Pushing Both Parties To Change Health Care Law

Karen Kasler
Gov. John Kasich spoke to the National Alliance on Mental Illness Ohio at the Statehouse Tuesday.

The White House is reportedly quietly restarting talks on health care reform, after the bill President Trump and Republicans back was pulled just hours before a vote on Friday.  And Gov. John Kasich said he was working on that issue too this week.

Kasich said he was in Washington Monday talking to lawmakers about bipartisan action on health care reform. He said both parties need to protect the people covered under Medicaid expansion who have mental illness, drug addiction and chronic diseases and for others who depend on health care.

“I do believe you gotta have both parties doing this. And I am just afraid that at the end if we don’t do that, we’re gonna have these folks affected if we don’t do it right. Do I think that the option is to do nothing? No. Do I think something’s going to change right away? No.”

Kasich also said he wants states to have more power and flexibility to dictate what will be covered on the list of essential health benefits, but said that covering mental health and drug addiction treatment should be mandated.

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