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Advocates For The Arts Request Advocate For Additional Funds Despite Tight Budget

Ohio Arts Council
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Lower than projected state tax revenue totals will make budgeting more difficult for Ohio’s lawmakers in the coming weeks. Advocates for the arts know the tight budget threatens their funding but it's not keeping them from making a case to save those dollars.

The Executive Director of the Ohio Citizens for the Arts, Bill Behrendt, says it’s important state leaders give the Ohio Arts Council at least $34 million, a slight increase. He says it’s important to keep that funding – especially for smaller communities.

“It’s the rural counties that probably see the bigger impact because they are not in Cleveland, Cincinnati or Columbus that have these traditional donor bases that can step up when public funds go down.”

Behrendt says the arts create 231,000 jobs statewide, add $32 billion dollars to the state’s economy, and generate more than three billion dollars a year in local, state and federal tax revenues.

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