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YMCA, Other Nonprofit Gyms Seek Tax Break

Andy Chow
Downtown Columbus YMCA

A collection of community service groups is hoping they can get a tax break from the state with the help of a new bill. The measure would boost gyms like the YMCA.

The whirring of treadmills and the sounds of swimming might first come to mind when you think of gyms like those at the YMCA and Jewish Community Centers.

But Beth Tsvetkoff with the Ohio Alliance of YMCA says they do so much more, such as early childhood education and diabetes prevention.

Tsvetkoff and the Y, which does charge membership fees, support a bill that would exempt nonprofit gyms from the sales tax.

“So what this would allow us to do is do more of that work for our community.”

This bill has come up before. County governments have been lukewarm to measures that reduce sales tax revenue.

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