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FirstEnergy Seeking Subsidy To Prop Up Struggling Nuclear Plants

Jerry Sharp/Shutterstock
Perry Nuclear Power Plant

One of Ohio’s largest utilities is once again going to state policymakers looking for a way to get a boost for its struggling power plants. 

FirstEnergy is seeking the ability to charge its customers about $5 more a month. The utility’s Jennifer Young says their struggling nuclear plants deserve a subsidy for emitting zero carbon.

“It’s the best interest of communities in the state and while there may be a small premium for that we think that is the right thing to do,” said Young.

The bill in the Senate is just the latest proposal FirstEnergy has suggested to help its bottom line. A plan to allow FirstEnergy to charge their customers more to help prop up their struggling coal plants was struck down by federal regulators last year.

And FirstEnergy has said that it’s considering selling off all of its power plants in the next year or so if they can’t get these kinds of subsidies approved by lawmakers.

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