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Ohio Lawmaker Says He's Looking Into The Need For A Bill To Ban Gender Neutral Bathrooms

Ohio House
Rep. John Becker (R-Cincinnati)

One conservative state lawmaker says he’s considering working up legislation that would ban gender neutral bathrooms.

Rep. John Becker (R-Cincinnati) says he’s hearing from constituents who tell him they think the state needs a law against unisex bathrooms in public places. He says he’s looking into what legislation, if any, is needed.

“Why isn’t this real simple? If you have male genitalia, you go in the men’s bathroom. If you have women’s genitalia, you go in the women’s bathroom. It’s unfortunate that legislation might be necessary to enforce common sense but that’s the world we live in.”

Becker’s comments come after North Carolina passed controversial legislation barring transgender people from bathrooms and locker rooms that do not match the gender on their birth certificates.