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House Version Of Gov. Kasich's Budget Could Mean Big Changes For Tax Plan, Other Items

Daniel Konik
Gov. John Kasich rolled out his proposed budget in January 2017.

The House version of Gov. John Kasich’s budget comes out tomorrow, and it’s expected to include a lot of changes. 

Kasich has already said the budget must be pulled back by $800 million because of a $615 million shortfall in tax revenue for the current fiscal year.  That’s likely to put in danger his tax proposals, which include a 17% income tax cut paid for with a half-percent increase in the state sales tax, which would be broadened to more items and services, as well as hikes in taxes on cigarettes, alcohol and oil and gas drilling. House lawmakers have already said that fracking tax won’t happen. And it’s also expected the House will dramatically change Kasich’s controversial proposal for businesses file their municipal net profits taxes with the state, which would then send out checks to communities.

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