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Kasich Talks Book Just Before Tour Starts, And Before House Budget Is Released

Screenshot, "Face the Nation", CBS

Gov. John Kasich begins his book tour this week – just as the House version of his budget is being released. And while it’s expected his fellow Republicans will make big changes in that budget, Kasich is talking about unity.

Kasich said his book “Two Paths” is about how the country got to the divided place it’s in, and how to get out of it. And he notes the expectation that it’s the start of his next presidential campaign. “Some people are going to say, why did you write this book? Is this politics? Are you running in the primary? It has nothing to do with that.”

While not saying he will or won’t run again, Kasich said of President Trump that he supports the missile strike in Syria, but is worried about stepped up deportations of undocumented immigrants. He also says Ohio is more united because – quoting Kasich – “I’m not playing that stupid political game.”

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