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Political Veteran Says He Might Sue Ohio Over The Way It Funds Charter Schools

Jo Ingles
Former Ohio Congressman and State Lawmaker, Dennis Kucinich

The fight over school funding in Ohio has gone on for nearly three decades. One former Ohio congressman and former state lawmaker says he is exploring the possibility of launching another lawsuit against the state for the way it funds for-profit charter schools. 

"It’s pay to play. I mean I served in this legislature. I’m not a stranger to Columbus. I know how this town works. Lobbyists come in. They help people with their campaigns and people turn around and help the lobbyists get what they want.”

Charter school advocate Mark Weaver takes issue with that statement.

“What’s interesting is Dennis Kucinich didn’t talk about the teacher unions that take taxpayers dollars into their accounts and give those to Democrat candidates like Mr. Kucinich.”

Kucinich won’t say if he intends to run on the Democratic ticket for Governor next year but he has been mentioned as a possible candidate.

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