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School Choice Backers Rally At Ohio Statehouse

More than one thousand students, parents, and leaders from private schools rallied at the Statehouse to thank lawmakers for money in the budget that helps low-income families pay for tuition. 

Treajohn Richmond is an eighth grader at Saint Adalbert Catholic School in Cleveland. He credits state dollars for allowing him to attend school there, where he met leaders who helped him get into in a highly rated Catholic high school.

“They put in a word like you were their own. I don’t think the public school would have did that for me.”

Many at this rally say they want to send their kids to faith-based schools, but couldn’t without state dollars. And that funding is likely to continue with the Republican majority in the Statehouse. Last week, public school supporters and Democratic former Congressman Dennis Kucinich gathered at the Statehouse to urge more money for public schools.

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