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While On Book Tour, Kasich Speaks Out On Changes, Vote On House Budget

Amy Cummings
Gov. John Kasich speaks with Karen Kasler at the Barnes & Noble in Westlake on his book tour.

The House budget is now in the hands of the Senate, which may have to cut as much as $400 million from it to make sure it’s balanced before it’s signed at the end of June. Gov. John Kasich talked a bit about the budget and what the House did to his proposal while on his book tour this past weekend.

While on his book tour this weekend, Kasich predicted some Democrats would join the Republican majority and vote for the House version of his budget – four did. His Republican colleagues made big changes in his spending plan, but Kasich said it’s a long road to the budget being signed at the end of June. “But at the end of it all, end of the process, we have to be structurally balanced. We can’t play around with numbers. We can’t jeopardize our ability to grow.”

With tax revenues coming in short, Kasich had said $800 million needed to be cut from his initial proposal to make sure the budget was balanced. And he said it was his idea to take out the 17% income tax cut he had proposed, saying everything was on the table.

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