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Mandel Signs Pledge To Support Congressional Term Limits, If Elected

Andy Chow
Republican Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel signs pledge to support a bill in Congress to implement term limits.

Republican Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel is taking another swing at running for U.S. Senate and he’s rehashing a promise he made the last time he ran against Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown. 

As one of his first official campaign promises, Josh Mandel wants Ohioans to know that, if elected, he would only stay in Congress for 12 years before leaving for good. And he supports a bill to make that a limit for all Congressional lawmakers.

This is something Mandel pushed for during his last U.S. Senate run against Democratic incumbent Sherrod Brown 2012. Though he lost to Brown five years ago, he believes more people are growing tired of what he calls career politicians.

“I think back then people supported it but now there’s more of an emotional and passionate thrust behind their support for term limits now.”

Mandel says he plans to push this issue by growing grassroots support.

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