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Lawmaker Seeks Crackdown On Alleged Red Light Camera Abuse


The use of red light cameras is one of those rare issues that doesn’t split along party lines. State lawmakers have banned the use of these traffic cameras unless an officer is present. But one legislator has again proposed adding even more restrictions. 

Republican Representative Tom Patton of Strongsville believes some small towns such as Linndale near Cleveland are abusing red light cameras.

Supporters argue that the cameras cut down on speeding and crashes, but Patton doesn’t think safety is the priority.

“They’re hiding behind this idea that they’re improving safety with these cameras. They’re just filling their coffers.”

He’s proposing a package of bills similar to ones introduced last legislative session. They would ban use of cameras by towns of 200 people or fewer, if they don’t have a fire department or if they don’t have emergency medical services.

Patton’s proposal would also ban any municipality from getting more than 30% of its revenue from traffic camera tickets.

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