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Nurses Rally For Bill To Set Ratios For Patient Care

Jo Ingles
Nurses rally for patient care bill

Nurses from around the state rallied at the Statehouse to draw attention to a bill that isn’t getting much traction so far in the legislature. It would mandate patient-to-nurse ratios for hospitals and nursing homes. 

Janie Harvey Garner is Executive Director with a foundation called Show Me Your Stethoscope – a group of nurses that does mission trips to help people who need medical care. But these days, her group spends time helping nurses improve their working conditions. Harvey Garner said too many nurses are stretched way too thin: “You don’t get to go to the bathroom. You very rarely get to have lunch.” Harvey Garner said nurses who work long hours with no rest are more likely to make mistakes with patients.

But the Ohio Hospital Association’s John Palmer said this bill would hurt patient care.  “It would restrict prohibit and restricts hospitals’ ability to address patient care,” Palmer said.  Palmer said committees at hospitals make recommendations for staffing ratios that provide both a safe working environment for nurses and patients.

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