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Groups Fight Over Moving More Medicaid Population To Managed Care

State senators are considering a proposal to move more of Ohio’s Medicaid population into managed care. And a new study from a group representing health insurance companies in Ohio shows that managed health care for certain people saves money and proves to be more effective. 

The Ohio Association of Health Plans wants the state to move Medicaid enrollees with long-term health problems from fee-for service programs and into managed care. The group’s Miranda Motter says the study shows other states that have seen success with this switch.

She says Texas for example saved $172 million over five years.

“There’s absolutely no shortage of best practices that we can glean from many of these states that have implemented these programs.

A proposal in the state budget would make this change. But the Ohio Health Care Association which represents nursing homeshave opposed itsaying there’s not enough evidence to prove it will raise accountability or save money.

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