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National Pollster Frank Luntz Says Decibel In Washington D.C. Must Be Lowered

credit Andrea Izzotti,
U.S. Capitol building

A national Republican pollster who is conducting focus groups in Columbus this week says the shooting at a Congressional baseball team practice near Washington D.C. shows the need for politicians to speak out. 

Frank Luntz says many voters he's talked with are not happy because they feel left behind and left out. And he blames the current vitriolic political climate for giving way to violent behavior.

“That’s a result of this anger, this horrific incivility in the country these days, and it isn’t going to stop until someone dies. If there ever was a chance for Democrats and Republicans to stand up and say, ‘Stop. This is it.’“

He says he wants House and Senate Majority and Minority leaders to stand together and focus on lowering the decibel level.

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