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Pollster Cautions It's Too Early To Get Good Polls On 2018 Elections

Jo Ingles
Frank Luntz, political pollster

A national political Republican pollster says it’s too early to predict what might happen in next year’s gubernatorial and U.S. Senate races. But he says his polling shows there’s a tremendous amount of restlessness among voters.

National Republican pollster Frank Luntz says his polling shows most of President Trump’s voters still support him. But Luntz says they won’t in 2020 if he doesn’t deliver on some of his promises such as getting rid of the Affordable Care Act or creating jobs.  As far as 2018, Luntz says Republicans have a lot of reasons to be nervous.

“The Democrats are raising more money than they ever have. Big donors are giving big dollars. Small donors are energized. Their grass roots are excited. They want to challenge Trump and they feel like they have a mission. They are effectively disrupting just about every town hall meeting. They are more organized than anything I’ve seen and it’s impressive to watch.”

Luntz cautions it’s too early to predict statewide races. But at this point, it appears Attorney General Mike DeWine has the lead in the GOP race for Governor and could beat Democrat Rich Cordray, the head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau if he decides to get in the race. And in the U.S. Senate race, incumbent Sherrod Brown holds a healthy lead over Republican Treasurer Josh Mandel.

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