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Yost Seeking Possible Court Order To Stop ECOT Ads

Andy Chow
Ohio Auditor Dave Yost

The state auditor is looking into filing a restraining order against the largest online charter school district in Ohio, which is already facing a $60 million bill from the state for inflating its enrollment figures. Auditor Dave Yost is trying to get the Electronic Classroom Of Tomorrow, or ECOT, to stop using taxpayer money for politically-motivated ads. 

“The Department of Education is trying to close down our school because a bunch of bureaucrats decided to change the rules on us mid-year.”

ECOT is using taxpayer money to slam the Ohio Department of Education in these ads, which can be seen all around the state.

Auditor Dave Yost is now seeking a court order to get ECOT to stop playing these spots, which he says are politically-motivated.

“Could you imagine the budget season every year? The department of health, department of transportation, everybody would have TV ads up. It’s horrible public policy and not compliant with law.”

The Attorney General’s Office will assign outside counsel for Yost, then they’ll weigh their options.

ECOT did not reply to a request for comment.

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