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Ohio House Overrides Eleven Vetoes But Not Controversial One That Blocks Medicaid Expansion Freeze

Andy Chow
House Speaker Rosenberger talks with reporters after session

The Ohio House of Representatives overrode 11 of the 47 vetoes Gov. John Kasich made recently to the state’s proposed budget. But the House didn’t override the most controversial one.

Kasich’s veto of the legislature’s plan to freeze Medicaid expansion enrollment starting a year from now still stands. But House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger says the possible veto override on it is not dead.

“It does not mean we will not come back in the fall and take that back up. We had a discussion about it. We have the votes to actually continue with that if we feel it’s necessary.”

Rosenberger says the House is waiting to see what happens nationally with Medicaid expansion and could vote on the override at any time before the end of 2018. The House did vote to override eight vetoes related to the Medicaid program. The Senate must still agree but Kasich is warning Senators to be cautious by saying, “if you break it, you own it.”

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