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Boggs Wants Yost Recusal From Future ECOT Audits

Ohio House
Rep. Kristin Boggs (D-Columbus)

State Auditor Dave Yost has recently become a vocal critic of the state’s largest online charter school. But one lawmaker thinks Yost should recuse himself from any further investigations into the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow. 

Democratic Representative Kristin Boggs of Columbus criticizes Yost for speaking at an ECOT graduation in 2015 and for not conducting a full audit in 2014 after receiving a whistleblower tip on enrollment.

“If Yost had simply done his job back in 2014 we might not be in a situation with ECOT running TV ads and this fighting in court to hang on to their ill-gotten gains.”

Yost’s office contends they did conduct an audit, actually 3 in a 13-month span, and that he plans to stay involved in any future evaluations.

ECOT was ordered to give the state $60 million back for dramatically overestimating full time student enrollment. That's a fight ECOT is taking to the Ohio Supreme Court. 

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