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New Budget Includes Tax Amnesty Period To Urge Deliquent Filers To Comply - And To Bring In Money

Karen Kasler

It’s been six years since delinquent taxpayers in Ohio were given a chance to pay up without penalties. The new state budget gives them another opportunity at the beginning of next year.

Tax commissioner Joe Testa said amnesty programs like the one that will run January 1 through February 15 give delinquent filers an incentive to come forward, so the state will be in a better financial position overall. And he says he didn’t talk to lawmakers about this, but he suspects another reason. "I assume that part of the reason for putting it in the state budget is to help with balancing the budget because as you know, the tax revenues were not meeting estimates much of this last fiscal year,” he said.

The state ended the fiscal year June 30 in the black, but was $849 million short of estimates for tax collections. Ohio’s last tax amnesty program in 2012 brought in $30 million.

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