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Ohio Will Award Medical Marijuana Cultivators' Licenses This November


Investors who want a license to grow medical marijuana for Ohio’s new program will have to wait until November to find out whether they will receive one. 

Investors had hoped to find out by September whether they would be awarded one of the 24 cultivator’s licenses.The Ohio Department of Commerce’s Justin Hunt says based on the volume, the decisions on the licenses won’t come until November. But he says the September date was never promised.

“You know the department never said on this date in September or August. So we have the resources that we need, depending on the number of applications that came in, there were 185 of them so we are moving as quickly as possible.”

Some investors, who are vying for 12 large and another 12 small cultivator’s licenses, are worried it will be difficult to get those facilities built and to become operational by the program’s start date in September of next year. 

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