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FOP Supports Bill Allowing Off Duty Officers To Carry Firearms In Gun-Free Zones

Andy Chow

A bill is moving through the Ohio House that would let off duty peace officers carry weapons into gun-free zones. It's a bill has the support of police officers.

Police officers always have a responsibility to take action whether they’re on duty or not. That’s according to the Ohio FOP, which says the bill will help protect gun-free zones from attackers.

Opponents say the proposal violates the rights of property owners who make the decision to restrict guns.

Michael Weinman with the FOP of Ohio says he understands that argument, but in the event of an attack…

“If I was on duty, they’d want me in that establishment. So I can’t understand what the difference would be you know off duty and on duty when it comes to something like that.”

Those against the bill say property owners would have considered these scenarios before making their choice to be gun free.

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