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Kasich Emphasizes Importance Of Journalism, Calls Fake News Claims "Baloney"

Andy Chow

Hot off another round of appearances on the national media circle, Gov. John Kasich was back in Ohio again, meeting with a large group of newspaper editors from publications around the U.S. Kasich had a message about the importance of journalism.

While speaking to editors with Gatehouse Media, a conglomeration of newspaper publications, Kasich reiterated his support for immigration reform and a bipartisan health care plan.

Kasich, who’s been doing lots of national interviews but not many in state, says it’s important for journalists to continue scrutinizing and verifying the work of the government.

“My goodness, we need you to stand up against us or whoever it is and to be able to report the news and the facts and be able to let the story go where it is. I mean this idea where you’re all fake news, I think that’s a bunch of boloney.”

When asked to comment on the current national and international tensions when it comes to race and North Korea, Kasich said he’s done being baited into reacting to what President Donald Trump says or tweets.

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