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Former Longtime Congressman Will Be Spokesman For Issue Two In Campaign Ads

Columbus, Ohio
Karen Kasler
Dennis Kucinich makes a point to reporters

Democratic Former U.S. Congressman Dennis Kucinich will be starring in ads and on the campaign trail in support of the drug price ballot question known as Issue 2. But he isn’t the only thing new with the campaign. A new bill will also be coming to specify how the predicted savings from the issue would be used if it passes.

Dennis Kucinich says the issue, which would set drug prices for state programs to the same price paid by the federal Department of Veterans Affairs, would save the state $400 million dollars. And he says Democratic state Sen. Michael Skindell will be introducing a bill that would make sure lawmakers couldn’t use those savings as a slush fund.

“When this passes, this will be going to reduce drug prices for seniors and veterans.”

But passing Issue 2 will be a heavy lift since drug companies are outspending the issue’s supporters in ads. And many major groups and organizations, including veterans and health groups, are also on the “vote no” side.

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