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Backers Of Issue 2, The Drug Price Relief Act, To Air Hour Long Documentary Statewide

Jo ingles
Issue 2 documentary

Backers of the Drug Price Relief Act, also known as Issue 2 on next month's ballot, say the media isn’t explaining it well. So they are taking their message straight to voters.

Michael Weinstein is the CEO of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation and says voters need to know about his organization and why they should approve Issue 2.

“So AHF is taking the extraordinary of purchasing one hour of statewide air time to tell our story.”

Weinstein says it will cost his group $62,000 to air the documentary once in each of Ohio’s six major media markets. The issue would require state-run programs pay no more for drugs than the federal Veterans Administration does. Pharmaceutical companies are on track to spend $16 million to fight the issue. 

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