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Congressional Redistricting Conundrum Facing Panel And Possibly Citizen Activists

Jo Ingles
Congressional working group

Citizens from around Ohio came to the Statehouse to tell lawmakers why the current process to draw Congressional district lines isn’t working. The Congressional redistricting group met for the first time today, with a goal of putting a plan before voters next year. 

Central Ohio resident Nancy Vaughn was one of the people who testified to the bipartisan committeecharged with coming up with a new process for drawing Ohio's Congressional map. 

"Would we accept a rigged sporting event in Ohio? Nope. No way. So how is it then that we have accepted cheating in our Democratic process?”

Vaughn and others say the current process allows the party in power to construct districts that favor their candidates. And they say that leads to hyper-partisanship and chaos in government. The working group is supposed to come up with a plan that could go before voters next spring. If that happens and it passes, it could circumvent a citizens led ballot measure that is on track to go before voters next November. 

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