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Tech Sector Lays Out Wish List For Lawmakers

Dan Konik
Panel of experts from the tech industry discuss what could make Ohio more inviting for companies.

As lawmakers are winding down their legislative work for the end of the year, different associations and industries are trying to get their foot in the door on policies that can be addressed starting in January. That includes the tech sector.

Ohio has been seeing a growth in the number of jobs in the tech industry, such as Amazon and Facebook.

But there are advocates, such as TechNet, who say Ohio can be doing more to make the state more welcoming to companies that work with innovative ideas.

The group’s Matt Mincieli says this is an industry that can challenge old laws and policies.

“A lot of what’s happening in tech is cutting edge or issues that most state legislatures haven’t ever had to deal with before or don’t know how to deal with it.”

Those issues that are most important for tech companies, according to Mincieli, include an educated workforce and advanced energy.

Some Republican lawmakers who were at a forum hosted by TechNet this week plan on taking on several energy issues beginning next year.

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