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Flu Shot Requirement Ban Moving To Another House Committee

Ohio House
Rep. Christina Hagan (R-Alliance)

A controversial bill dealing with whether an employer can force workers to get the flu shot is still sitting in the Ohio House. The bill is set to get a new round of committee hearings.

The bill, HB193, would ban employers from firing or punishing workers who refuse to get flu vaccines. The legislation had several hearings in the House Economic Development, Commerce and Labor Committee and passed out of committee in September.

But now House leaders are sending it back for more hearings before a different panel, the House Health Committee.

Republican Representative Christina Hagan said it protects a worker's choice to get a flu shot or not.

“Rather than allowing their term of employment to force them or persuade them in any way to do something that might be counterproductive to their personal health,” said Hagan.

Hagan said people often get the flu despite receiving the vaccine and added that the shot can cause illness or even death for some people.

But employers said this infringes on their right to manage their workplaces, and hospitals said vaccine requirements keep patients safe. Opponents include the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, UC Health, and Nationwide Children's Hospital.

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