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Construction Projects Set To Increase While Firms Struggle To Find Workers


Contractors believe 2018 will be a big year for projects from infrastructure improvements to corporate office updates. But a national survey shows one big challenge is set to stand in the way of these projects.

The Associated General Contractors of America says the struggle to find qualified workers is a nationwide challenge for construction projects.

In Ohio the survey found that about 84% of contractors have a hard time finding workers who can do the job.

As the group’s Stephen Sandherr explains, this means companies are lowering their standards.

“As a result many firms are offering to recruit workers with less experience and skills than they would prefer.”

The survey found more firms are also offering higher salaries and investing more into workforce development to stem the problem.

Ohio’s firms said they expect to see a big increase in construction jobs related to the power industry and water and sewer projects.

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