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Lack Of Federal Funding For The Children's Health Insurance Program Could Put A Big Strain On Ohio

Director of Ohio Office of Health Transformation
Statehouse News Bureau
Greg Moody

A program that helps working families in Ohio afford health care for their children with serious medical conditions is in limbo right now. 

Office of Health Transformation Director Greg Moody says Congress has not re-authorized money for CHIP, the children’s health insurance program that provides health care for 220,000 Ohio kids. He says without that federal money, the program would strain the state’s budget.

“A significant portion of the federal share of the program, that’s about $15 million every month in Ohio, will run out in April and will force the state to take money from other programs to fill that gap.”

Families in CHIP earn up to 206 percent of the federal poverty level – that’s just over $40-thousand a year for the average family of three.

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