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Lawmakers Put Forward Their Congressional Redistricting Plan, Which Could Be On May Ballot

Jo Ingles
Sen. Matt Huffman (R-Lima) presented his Congressional redistricting plan earlier this month.

Time is growing short for state lawmakers who want to put a congressional redistricting reform plan before voters in the May primary. They need to pass a plan quickly to get it on the May ballot, before citizens’ groups can put theirs before voters in November.

The lawmakers’ amendment would change the rules for drawing the map by making districts more compact and requiring more buy in from the minority party. But no Democrats are supporting it and their supporters, like Mia Lewis of Indivisible, favor a citizens’ group’s plan. “The end result is you can still draw a partisan, gerrymandered map and keep control for your party. What good does that do? It’s just window dressing.”

House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger notes changes are being made to the lawmakers’ plan, which he supports. “I think this is not the final product and I think there’s some more work to be done and we are going to continue to look at that,” Rosenberger said.

But lawmakers must pass a plan soon to meet the February 7 filing deadline for the May ballot.

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