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New Bill Would Allow Audit Of And Fix For Ohio's Medical Marijuana Process

Jo Ingles
Sen. Bill Coley

Ohio lawmakers are now weighing in with a proposed fix for problems with the process being used by the state commerce department in the medical marijuana program. 

Republican Senator Bill Coley says his legislation gives Ohio’s Auditor thirty days to do a full audit of growers’ license applications, then gives the department another month to correct problems.

“By doing this, we can remove any clouds of suspicion or impropriety or any suggestions or innuendo of impropriety.”

But Auditor David Yost says he doesn't think the program can be paused now, though he’s continuing his audit. And he says he’s not certain an audit could be done in 30 days and he doesn’t know if there are there will be more problems discovered. 

“That’s kinda like asking if the Browns are going to be scoreless in the third quarter. You know you’ve got a pretty good gut answer to that question but occasionally they surprise you.”

Neither the commerce department or Gov. John Kasich’s office responded to requests for comment.

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