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"Governator" Comes To Statehouse To Celebrate Plan He Suggests Could "Terminate Gerrymandering"

Daniel Konik
Arnold Schwarzengger (in white shoes) shares shots with Gov. John Kasich and leaders of the Ohio House and Senate.

The former Republican California governor who’s better known as a movie star and bodybuilder has delivered on a promise he made regarding redistricting.  Arnold Schwarzenegger was in Columbus for his namesake fitness festival, and stopped by the Statehouse to revisit what his call to Ohio lawmakers to pass a proposal to change the way the Congressional map is drawn and – as he put it – terminate gerrymandering.

“I said, if you get that done legislatively – it was so unbelievable that I said, I’m going to come there to your capitol with schnapps, with Austrian schnapps, and we’re going to celebrate this,” Schwarzenegger said.

Schwarzengger then shared shots of schnapps with Gov. John Kasich and Republican and Democratic legislative leaders. Schwarzenegger has long had a close relationship with Ohio, and endorsed Kasich in his campaign for president in 2016. The proposal on Congressional redistricting is on the May ballot, and has the support of citizens' groups that had wanted to put their own plan on the ballot in November.

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