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Group Says Ohio Trails Country In Key Areas Of Health, Economy

Andy Chow
Gavin Devore Leonard, One Ohio Now state director

During his final State of the State address, Gov. John Kasich said Ohio is the strongest it’s been in a generation. But a coalition of unions and health and human services organizations say they think they have the data to prove that’s not true.

Ohio is falling behind the rest of the country in several key economic, health, and education components. That’s according to One Ohio Now’s annual State of Ohio report, which shows Ohio ranks near the bottom nationwide in overdose deaths, unemployment, and the poverty gender gap.

The group’s Gavin Devore Leonard hopes Kasich sees a need for a policy change after looking at the numbers.

“He has shown a willingness to make changes when it comes to things like Medicaid expansion and gun control that when the data is there that he’ll make a shift we think it’s been 13 years of trying tax cuts are going to lead to growth in Ohio we’re just not seeing it,” said Devore Leonard.

The report shows that Ohio is excelling in health insurance coverage, pre-kindergarten enrollment, and bridge maintenance.

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