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State School Superintendent And Governor Say They Work Well Together - But Apparently Don't Talk

Karen Kasler
Superintendent Paolo DeMaria at a meeting in 2016.

The state school board has voted to oppose a controversial bill that would give the governor more authority over a new education and workforce agency. And there are questions about the relationship the state’s education leader has with Gov. John Kasich.

When he was picked as state school superintendent in 2016, longtime education and government official Paolo DeMaria was the unanimous choice of the state school board. But the board’s meeting this week got a bit tense when member Stephanie Dodd, who’s a Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, asked DeMaria about sharing input with Kasich. “So when is the last time that you spoke with the governor?”

DeMaria replied, “We’re in contact with the Governor’s office.”

Dodd said, “No, no, not the Governor’s office. The Governor. Have you ever spoken with the Governor?”

DeMaria responded: “Madam President, if we could, I’d like to proceed to the next question.”

DeMaria has asked to be appointed to Kasich’s Executive Workforce Board, but did say he hasn’t received a response. Kasich’s office says the two have a good working relationship.

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