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Smith Reacts To FBI Inquiry Of Rosenberger

Andy Chow
Rep. Ryan Smith (R-Bidwell) talks to reporters following a House Finance Committee meeting on Tuesday.

House Republicans are reacting to news that the FBI is asking questions about the actions of Speaker Cliff Rosenberger. Details of the FBI’s inquiry and whether or not they are carrying out an official investigation have yet to be confirmed. A lawmaker who’s running to replace Rosenberger next year as speaker shared his thoughts.

Sources have suggested that Rosenberger’s international travel with lobbyists might be the topic of the FBI’s questioning. Republican Representative Ryan Smith is a close ally of Rosenberger. He says the FBI has not contacted him and that he was not able to talk about the possibility of subpoenaed records.

Smith adds that he would have a different take on traveling if he were speaker.

“I have another job, four kids and a wife so I don’t go out and travel much so that’s just the reality that I have,” said Smith.

Smith’s opponent, Republican Representative Larry Householder, did not return a request for comment.

Householder was the focus of an FBI investigation into a kickback scheme when he was speaker in 2004. No charges were filed.

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