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House Passes Bill To Bolster School Resource Officer Training

Andy Chow
Frank Hall, who chased a mass shooter out of Chardon High School, advocates for the use of school resource officers during a House committee meeting.

A bill to strengthen and standardize training for school resource officers is on its way to the Senate. The legislation includes funding for schools so they can pay for officers to get that training. 

As a House committee discussed the need to improve school resource officer training, the Chardon High School shooting came up frequently.

The fatal attack in 2012 by 17-year-old T.J. Lane left three students dead.

Frank Hall, a former teacher and coach at Chardon, has been hailed as a hero for chasing Lane out of the building during the shooting.

Hall, who advocates nationwide for school resource officers, is against arming teachers.

“I never, ever remember thinking to myself I wish I had a gun. I didn’t think that way I just wanted to stop him,” said Hall.

Hall says he’s glad he was able to stop Lane and he’s thankful that he didn’t take the teenager’s life adding that officers are trained to make safest decisions.

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