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Gun Issues, Legal Marrying Age Among Many Bills On House/Senate Agenda

Karen Kasler
Ohio Statehouse

The House and Senate are working on moving bills through their chambers through the next two weeks before going on summer break. This is a critical time for bills lawmakers want to pass, assuming that they’re next chance won’t be till after the November election. 

The so-called “Stand Your Ground” bill, HB228, which makes it easier to use lethal force in self-defense, is seeing some new momentum in the House after the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida forced the legislation to go on hiatus for two months.

Also getting another hearing is HB585, the gun-control bill to implement Gov. John Kasich’s proposals which includes banning bump stocks and keeping guns from people the courts deem as threats.

Two bills that could move through committee and possibly to the House floor include HB296, a measure that increases penalties for people who deal drugs near rehab centers and HB511 which reinforces 18 as the legal age to marry.

The bill that overhauls Ohio’s renewable energy laws, HB114, is getting long-awaited new hearing in the Senate, which could signal passage through the chamber before they go on break in June.

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