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New Poll Shows How Ohioans Feel About Immigration, Trade And More

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A new poll shows overall, nearly seven in ten Ohio voters surveyed say they are very or somewhat satisfied with the way things are going in Ohio right now. They also weighed in on issues like tariffs on Chinese products and immigration. 

The latest Quinnipiac Poll shows 60 percent of respondents say illegal immigrants should be allowed to stay and apply for citizenship. 

A tenth say they should be allowed to stay, but not apply for citizenship while just over a quarter say they should be deported. On recent federal tax cuts, voters are split almost evenly.

On tariffs, 55% say they favor raising them on products made in China but that support drops if that means they’d pay more or if it would start a trade war.

And just over half of Ohioans want to keep the Affordable Care Act in place – but that’s almost solely because of independent voters, because nearly all Democrats support it and nearly all Republicans want it repealed.

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