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Activists Protest Federal Child Separation Policy

After more than a week of controversy over separating children from their parents who are illegally crossing the border from Mexico, President Trump is reportedly going to sign a temporary executive order that would keep families together. Earlier today, before that announcement, protestors crowded onto the sidewalk in front of an ICE office in Columbus. 

Activists carried handmade signs and chanted in front of the LeVeque Tower where immigrants are required to check in with immigration authorities. Jan Phillips is one of several volunteers who have put up a table in front of the office in recent weeks, offering cookies, lemonade and legal information to those who go into the office. But she says this, on this day, that act of kindness has turned into an act of protest over what she’s been seeing.

“It is inhumane. It is immoral. And we need to stop this policy.”

Ironically, the Columbus building that houses the ICE office is built on ground Congress donated to refugees in 1801 to compensate those who left their property  in Canada to take up arms on behalf of the colonists.

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