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Misleading Text Messages And Confusion Going Into Tuesday's Special Election

Dan Konik
Ohio voters

Voting rights groups say they are getting reports of misinformation and misleading text messages. 

Mike Brickner with the group All Voting is Local says some voters in the 12th Congressional district are getting misleading messages in the days leading up to Tuesday’s special election.

“They’ve received anonymous text messages into their phones saying their polling place has changed, causing them to kind of go into a panic.”

Brickner encourages anyone who gets a message like this to immediately report it to the local board of elections. He also says voters who think they may have been eliminated from the rolls for being inactive voters should go ahead and vote because a recent court settlement will allow them to do so. 

NOTE: Brickner says if you have problems voting, you can call the Election Protection Hotline at (866) OUR-VOTE.

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