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New Bill Would Divert Fines Levied By State Agencies Into Ohio's General Revenue Fund

Jo Ingles

When state agencies collect fines and penalties, they often keep that money in their own coffers. A new bill at the Statehouse would change that.

The bill would require state agencies to deposit all fines, penalties and late fees into the state’s general operating fund instead of directing those dollars into their own coffers. The sponsor of the bill says agencies that depend on those dollars for operation would have a method of being able to get them back if the money is proven to be necessary. Senator Frank LaRose says maybe agencies wouldn’t be as zealous about going after fines unnecessarily if the money wasn’t going back into their bottom line. 

“It creates a perverse incentive for that agency to perhaps levy more fines," LaRose says.

The bill has just been introduced in the Senate. There’s no word on when or if lawmakers will take up the proposal.

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