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Ohio's Statewide Races Are On Track To Be The Most Expensive In The State's History

Dan Konik
Richard Cordray (left) and Mike DeWine (right)

The latest fundraising numbers show Ohio's gubernatorial race could be the most expensive in the state's history. Republican Mike DeWine raised $2 million in August while Democrat Richard Cordray brought in 1.8 million. That means some competitive races up and down the ticket this fall.

University of Cincinnati Political Science professor David Niven says the money candidates have raised so far will allow them to be able to tell their stories."It's not the case that the candidate with the most money wins but it is always the case that the candidate with no money loses," Niven says.

Ohio State University Political Science professor Paul Beck says, unlike four years ago, the Democratic statewide candidates have raised enough to be competitive."You know the energy in Ohio and other states right now is very much on the Democratic side and you can see this in the fundraising totals," Beck says.
And with the money spent by outside groups, this year could see some of the most expensive races in Ohio history.
Fundraising in down-ticket races:
Democratic Attorney General candidate Steve Dettelbach raised almost twice as much as his Republican opponent, Ohio Auditor Dave Yost, during the August fundraising period. Dettelbach raised $609,721 while Yost raised $368,677. Republican Secretary of State candidate Frank LaRose raised $234,941 while his Democratic opponent, Kathleen Clyde, pulled in $239,001. In the race for Ohio Auditor, Keith Faber added $135,796 to his campaign checkbook. Democrat Zach Space raised $154,125. Democratic Ohio Treasurer candidate Rob Richardson raised $140,879 while his Republican opponent, Robert Sprague, raised $101,525. 

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