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Cordray Addresses Discrimination Allegations Within His Former Agency

Andy Chow
Mike DeWine, Republican gubernatorial nominee/Rich Cordray, Democrat gubernatorial nominee

A lawsuit has been filed against the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which used to be led by Democrat gubernatorial nominee Rich Cordray. The allegations of discrimination against the current CFPB director align with accusations being levied against Cordray in a conservative campaign ad. 

The" target="_blank">Republican Governors Association super PAC hits Cordray for his time as director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

“Richard Cordray’s agency was at the center of a racism and discrimination investigation,” the ad says.

DeWine echoed the ad during the debate saying, “You had a culture of discrimination and you did absolutely nothing about it.”

But after the debate Cordray countered there were problems with performance reviews and the promotion of minorities and women that he worked to correct.

“He either doesn’t know or he’s trying to take the lobbyist talking points they’re using to try and slow us down,” Cordray says.

The federal accountability office issued a report acknowledging those changes.

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