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Kasich Says Using Fentanyl Is Like "Taking A Gun And Putting It To Your Head"


A recent analysis of state data shows opioid overdose deaths increased by another 20% from the previous year. Gov. John Kasich says the opioid crisis is a complex battle, being fought both inside and outside the state. 

Kasich wants to work with law enforcement from other states to help shut down traffickers, increase border protection, and even create security and economic programs for central America.

Aside from clamping the flow of drugs into Ohio, Kasich says people need to comprehend that using fentanyl means instant death.

“We gotta get people to understand it’s not your old man’s cocaine or heroin -- as bad as those things are -- now it’s deadly. Now it’s like taking a gun and putting it to your head,” says Kasich.

A review of state data by The Columbus Dispatch put the death toll at more than 4,800 people. And fentanyl accounted for three-quarters of those deaths.

As Kasich points out, the number of overdoses from prescription drugs is falling while illicit drug deaths are on the rise.

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