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When Can Ohio Patients Get Medical Marijuana?

Statehouse News Bureau

Several large and small cultivators of marijuana for Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Program say they plan to be harvesting their products soon. But that doesn’t mean patients will be able to buy it anytime soon.

The Ohio Department of Commerce’s Stephanie Gostomski says marijuana growers won’t be able to do anything with their harvest for a while. 

“For that product to make it to the shelves, to make it to the dispensaries, it needs to be tested by a licensed lab and that has yet to happen. It also needs to make it into a licensed dispensary and at this time, all of the dispensaries in the state have provisional licenses," Gostomski says.

Gostomski says she can’t say when the testing labs and dispensaries will be ready to take the products. She says they are private businesses that have to deal with suppliers, zoning and other issues. But she says once they have everything in place, the state can respond quickly to do the inspections and issue the licenses.

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