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Final Fundraising Totals Show Cordray Outraised DeWine This Period, But DeWine Has More Cash Overall

Daniel Konik

The totals are in on how much the candidates for governor and other statewide offices raised in the final reports before next month’s election. And one set of numbers is record-breaking.

The latest campaign finance filings show Republican Mike DeWine and Democrat Richard Cordray have raised more than $44 million – more than any other governor’s race in state history. In total, Cordray brought in about $15.5 million, and DeWine raised $29 million –  that includes two personal loans of $4 million. But in this final stretch, Cordray outraised DeWine, but DeWine has six times the cash on hand that Cordray does. In the downticket races, three of the four Democrats outraised the Republicans. And in the Attorney General’s race, by big margins. Democrat Steve Dettelbach brought in more than twice the contributions that Republican Dave Yost did, and has more available cash – but Dettelbach has also spent a lot more money than Yost.

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